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Microcontrollers -- Small, Self-Contained Computers -- Are The "Brains" Inside Dozens Of The Devices And Appliances In Your Home. Microwaves, Washing Machines, Telephones, And Stereos All Have Microcontrollers Inside Them. A Microcontroller Is A Computer-On-A-Microchip, And Includes A Processor, Memory For Storing Data, Timers, And Ports For Connecting To Other Components. As Our Everyday Devices Become Increasingly "Smart" With Embedded Technology, Microcontrollers Are Becoming More And More Important. This Kit Introduces You To Microcontrollers, Sensors, And Programming Through 100 Experiments. Build Devices That Use Sensors To Monitor And Record Data, And Use The Data To Control Motors, Buzzers, Lights, And A Digital Display. Write Programs To Control The Devices You Build. For Example, You Can Build A Light Meter Using A Light Dependent Resistor And Record The Light Levels In A Room Over A 12 Hour Period. Or Measure And Record The Temperature Outside With A Temperature Sensor, Then Graph The Results. The Number Of Possible Experiments Is Infinite. First, Assemble A Circuit And Write A Program, Following The Detailed Instructions In The Manual. Then, Upload The Program To The Microcontroller Using An Infrared Interface. The Program Tells The Microcontroller How To Perform Your Experiment And Store The Data. Finally, The Data Stored In The Microcontroller Can Be Downloaded To The Computer Using The Infrared Interface. The 144-Page, Full-Color Experiment Manual Guides Your Circuit Assemblies And Programming. Ages 12 And Up. * Learn How Computers And Programs Work * Assemble Circuits And Write Programs * Design Your Own Circuits And Programs * Conduct Experiments With Light, Heat And Sound Sensors * Store Your Work In A Sleek, Portable Case * Use Your Devices To Collect Many Types Of Data For Other Science Experiments

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