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Fuel Cell Car & Experiment Kit

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The Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Car & Experiment Kit Provides A Playful Introduction To One Of The Most Significant Technologies Of The Early 21st Century. With This Kit You Can Build A Model Car That Actually Runs On Water! First, Add Water And Watch It Separate Into Hydrogen And Oxygen. Then, Use Those Stored Gases To Power Your Vehicle Across The Floor. Now That We Have Your Attention, Roll Up Your Sleeves And Find Out More Through Experiments And Demonstrations You Can Do On Your Own, In A Classroom Or With Friends. Fuel Cells Are A Promising Means Of Producing Energy In The Future. Some Fuel Cells, Such As This One, Do Not Consume Fossil Fuels And Therefore Are Considered Environmentally Friendly. Automobile Manufacturers Are Already Experimenting Successfully With This Technology And It Is Widely Believed That Fuel Cells Will Power Automobiles And Many Electronic Devices, Including Laptops And Cell Phones, In The Near Future. With This Unique Kit, You Can Build Your Own Experimental Reversible Fuel Cell Car To Learn More About This Energy Source. With More Than 30 Experiments And Demonstrations, Users Will Learn How A Reversible Fuel Cell Works To Perform Electrolysis As Well As To Create Energy. The Electricity Required To Activate Electrolysis Is Created With A Large Solar Cell Included With The Kit. During Electrolysis, Water Is Separated Into Hydrogen And Oxygen And The Resulting Energy Is Stored As A Gas. When Needed, The Gas Is Fed Into The Fuel Cell, Which Then Serves As The Power Source. Ages 12 And Up. The 96-Page, Full-Color Experiment Manual Offers Over 30 Experiments, Including: How To Build A Solar-Powered Car Effects Of Direct And Indirect Radiation Characteristics Of A Solar Module Electrolysis And Its Effect On Water Oxy-Hydrogen Test How To Construct And Load A Reversible Fuel Cell Decomposition Of Water In The Fuel Cell Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Gas In A Fuel Cell How Efficient Is Electrolysis How Light Influences Electrolysis Solar Electrolysis Fuel Cell-Powered Car

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Fuel Cell Car & Experiment Kit