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Chem C2000 Is A Complete Introduction To The Most Important Topics In Chemistry. Discover How Fascinating The World Is When You Know The Chemistry Behind How Everyday Things Work. Understanding Chemical Reactions Turns The Ordinary Occurrences Around Us Into Remarkable Events. You Will Start With Fun Experiments To Learn Basic Chemistry Principles. Build A Mini Fire Extinguisher And Float A Soap-Powered Boat. Write With Invisible Ink And Test Colored Markers On The Chromatography Racetrack. Entertain Your Friends With "Magic" Tricks, And Then Enlighten Them With The Scientific Explanations Behind The Magic. Make Dazzling Colors In Flame Tests And Produce Electricity In A Test Tube. After You Have Some Lab Experience, You Will Learn How To Use The Alcohol Burner And Perform Experiments That Require Heat. Separate Mixtures, Add Carbon Dioxide To Water And Produce Oxygen Gas From Hydrogen Peroxide. Experiment With Fuels And Combustion. Make Your Own Hydrochloric Acid. Learn How Chemistry Helps Us In Cooking And Cleaning. Prepare A Substance That Glows In The Dark. Begin To Build A Strong Foundation In Chemistry With Exposure To A Broad Range Of Chemical Phenomena And Hands-On Lab Experience. Gain Experience With The Most Important Tools In The Modern Chem Lab. Professor Probenius, Your Chemistry Professor, Provides Clear Instructions For Preparing And Performing The Experiments, Offers Safety Advice, Gives Explanations For The Observed Occurrences, And Asks And Answers Questions About The Results. Thorough Safety Precautions And Instructions Ensure Safe Experimentation. Professional Quality Equipment And An Easy-To-Follow Experiment Manual Help You Make The Most Of Your Chemistry Experiments. The 96-Page, Full-Color Experiment Manual Guides Aspiring Young Chemists Through The 250 Experiments. Ages 11 And Up. Topics: * Safe Experimentation * Setting Up Your Workspace * How To Use The Equipment * The Chemist As Magician * Invisible Inks * Tricks With Indicators * Chromatography Races * Properties Of Air & Water * Blazing Colors * Electricity & Reactions * Separating Materials * Acids & Bases * Carbon Dioxide * Combustion & Fuels * Water & Its Elements * Metals: Copper & Iron * Salts & Sugars * Water Of Crystallization * Calcium, Lime & Gypsum * Food Chemistry * Soaps, Bleaches & Cleaners * Chemiluminescence * Important Chemical Elements * And Much More! The 96-Page, Full-Color Experiment Manual Guides Aspiring Young Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Lab Technicians And Researchers Through The 250 Experiments.

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Chem C2000