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    The BDO and have been designed with new features that increase protection in a chemical environment and make wearing the suit less of a heat burden. The suit has more activated charcoal than the previous model, a novel outer cloth weave, and an outer cloth "scotchguard" type treatment resistant to liquid chemical agents. Because of the increased amount of charcoal, the BDO and DBDO can now be worn in an uncontaminated environment for 30 days following removal of the garment from its vapor-protective bag. This wear time may be extended past 30 days at the discretion of the unit commander. The suit may be worn for 24 hours in a contaminated area. Once the suit has been contaminated, the wearer must replace the suit by using the MOPP gear exchange procedure described in STP 21-1-SMCT, Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks, October 1990, Task # 031-503-1023, Exchange MOPP Gear. The discarded BDO must be incinerated or buried.

    The BDO and DBDO are presently produced in both woodland and olive drab. The suits have large butyl rubber patches sewn into the elbows and knees to prevent liquid chemical agents from penetrating the suit at these points.

    The BDO and DBDO add approximately 11 pounds to the weight already carried by the soldier. In addition, the BDO prevents heat exchange with the environment and may add, depending on the wearer's level of exertion, 10EF to 15EF to his ambient temperature and heat burden. When wearing the BDO at MOPP 1 or MOPP 2 and complete encapsulation is not required, certain modifications to the uniform are authorized:

    The trouser leg closures may be unzipped. The waist tabs may be loosened. The jacket may be unzipped. The sleeve hook-and-loop fastener closures may be opened. This overall loosening of the BDO/DBDO will allow heat to escape as walking and other movements induce a bellows action of the suit against underlying clothing and skin. Because of the weight of the BDO/DBDO, field suspenders (8440-00-221-0852) should be used to allow support of the trousers and as much comfort as is possible.

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