Mre Meals Ready To Eat Sure Pak


Mre Meals Ready To Eat Sure Pak. Sopakco's Sure-Pak Ii Tm Meal Case Was Designed To Meet The Needs Of The End User Who Requires A Top-Of-The-Line, Fully-Configured Mre Meal Case. With 12 Mains, 12 Sides, 12 Dessert Packs, 12 Crackers, 12 Spreads, 12 Beverages, 12 Coffees -- It's The Best Mre Meal Case We've Ever Made For The General Public. -- Sopakco Packaging * Please Note: All Offers Are Subject To Confirmation And Availability * Menu Items Are Subject To Change By Sopakco Packaging *The Main Entrees Used In Our Mre Meal Cases Change Frequently. The 6 Menu Types In Your Case (2 Each Of 6 Menu Types) May Vary In Whole Or In Part From The Items Listed Above. Our Range Of Main Entree Types Include Beef With Mushrooms, Chicken With Cavatelli, Pork With Rice In Bbq, Chili With Macaroni, Jamaican Pork Chop, Beef Stew, Western Beans, Pasta With Vegetables, Cheese Tortellini, Red Beans With Rice, Minestrone, Tuna With Noodles, Corned Beef Hash Or Other.