Town & Country Collection


Is The Ultimate Outdoor Playground For Your Indoor Cat! Kittywalk© Systems Outdoor Pet Enclosures Are Designed To Be Connected Together To Form Different Configurations So Your Indoor Cat Can Have Plenty Of Outside Room In Which To Roam And Many Different Things To Do. The Kittywalk® Town & Country Collection Can Be Used With Other Kittywalk® Outdoor Pet Enclosures Such As: The Clubhouse„¢, Curves„¢, T-Connect„¢ And Even Additional Kittywalk® Deck & Patio, Kittywalk® Penthouse Enclosures. Our Most Popular Combo Pack The Kittywalk® Systems Town & Country Collection Includes: Kittywalk® Deck & Patio: 6' Long Outdoor Pet Enclosure That Works On Any Flat Surface Kittywalk® Kabana„¢: Shade Awning And Hammock That Keeps Your Cat Cool And Comfortable Kittywalk® Penthouse: Over 5' Of Vertical Fun With 3 Different Hammock Levels For Your Active Cats Travel Bag Included