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December 31, 2017 3 min read



Company Profile: For an average uniform company, it could be, as the Latin translation "UNIFORM" “ONE-WAY”. Not at all the case for this award winning Enterprise! Our team at Frank Bee Enterprises has experience, talent, doing more than “taking inventory”. We are often told, "Talk more about your "Creative side” Our team is awesome, talented, with unique professional skills.


  We have participated in production designs, wardrobes for more than 50 major motion pictures, music videos, ceremonies, Super Bowl Half Time Shows and with many individuals

Our Clients: We are proud to work with many amazing people! It is great to work in such a magical environment!

Recent Projects:
Blue Bloods (TV series)Blue Bloods is an American police procedural/drama series on CBS, filmed on location in New York City.

30 Rock

  • “Harry Potter” (Wardrobe)
  • Mariah Carey – Grammy Awards
  • “The Royal Tennenbaums” Gene Hackman
  • “The Emperors Club” Kevin Kline
  • “The Palace Thief” (Wardrobe)
  • “Harry Potter” (Wardrobe
  • “House Of D” with David Duchovney, Tea Leoni and Robin Williams
  • “Finding Forrester” (Wardrobe for Sean Connery)
  • “All The Kings Men” (Wardrobe)
  • “The Heart Is Deceitful” (Wardrobe)
  • “Living The Lie” (Wardrobe)
  • “Pretty Persuasion” (Wardrobe)
  • “Thank You For Not Smoking” - Robert Duvall
  • “Uptown Girls” – Dakota Fanning
  • “Madeline” Francis Mcdormand (Wardrobe)
  • “Four Brothers” Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Jackson (Wardrobe)
  • “Cross Roads” (Wardrobe)   
  • “XXX2” Ice Cube (Wardrobe)
  • Government 
  • The Federal Bureau Of Investigation
  • NASA
  • The United States Coast Guard
  • U.S. AID
  • The United States Secret Service
  • FEMA
  • New York Fire Department –   Quartermaster
  • New York Police Department
  • Tobago – Trinidadian Government- Airlifting emergency supplies-hurricane 2004
  • US Armed Forces
  • Television Shows
  • VH1 “DIVAS LIVE” Concert Aretha Franklin
  • Super Bowl XXXIV Halftime Show
  • The David Letterman Show - Props
  • Sesame Street Productions – Design Costume
  • Jack & Bobby - Pilot Episode
  • “What about Brian”- Pilot Episode
  • ER -The NBC Series (Nov.18, 2004 Episode)
  • The MTV 2005 New Year Eve Show
  •    Videos - musicals
  • “HALLABACK GIRLS” (Gwen stefani)
  • "Tommy" The Musical
  • Events /Ceremony's
  • Mariah Carey - Grammy Awards
  • Aretha Franklin – “Diva’s Live”
  • West Side Youth Choir
  • The Harlem Boys Choir
  • Organizations-Companies
  • The Archdiocese of new York
  •  FEMA – Homeland Security
  • Girl Scout Of America
  • Sony Corporation
  • NYC Ballet
  • GQ Magazine
  • TCI Cable
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Seventeen Magazine
  • Beacon Pictures
  • Walker Digital
  • Universal Studios
  • Boy Scouts Of America
  • Most recent projects:

Hurricane Katrina: 17,500 Cots •345,000 Emergency Meals Blankets, batteries, socks, flashlights, sleeping bags, emergency rescue equipment, and 24/7 staff on site during Hurricane Katrina crisis.

•We will never turn our backs when called to help during disasters, thankful we were asked to help. The survivors, rescuers and victims of 2005, will always be remembered.                   

We produce custom wardrobe and specialty items for movies, events and organizations. Please contact us with any special requests.

40 foot mobile units available to service on site! We can!... wardrobe schools, corporations and theatrical & movie productions on site.

 Call for information. 718-823-9475

Frank Bee Enterprises Inc. Since 1957! incredible! School uniforms, work uniforms, band uniforms, military apparel, scout uniforms, clothes graduation caps and gowns, and Choir robes. We custom manufacture items and are well known in the theatrical wardrobe industry.

We have worked on projects such as "Harry Potter"the movie, "Finding Forester"Sean Connery, "Diva's Live" with Aretha Franklin, and many others. Supplying The United States Secret Service and other prestigious government agencies has been also a specialty, The owner, Craig Baker has a background in commercial photography, combining details and the creativity of an artist really helps to make our company special. We are however most popular from our core business of supplying to many of the parochial schools uniforms in the Archdiocese of New York and nationally, and globally, we have expanded greatly with thanks to the Internet and now service schools in Europe, and most recently Nigeria. We are known for our quality workmanship and professional service in business here in New York since 1956.

One  unique service we provide on location is a fleet of 40 foot long production vehicles which is fully equipped for on site production. Manufacturing and customizing on site. Design, sewing, embroidery, screen printing, with the ability to outfit as many as 500 people. Whether it be a major motion picture, an airport crew in the middle of the night, or a school full of students, we are equipped.!