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4 Piece Canteen Kit With Cover, Aluminum Cup & Stove / Stand

Everything need for your next camping trip is including in Frank Bee 4 Piece Canteen Kit. The canteen kit comes with four essentials items, including a BPA free, 1-quart plastic survival canteen, a dual snap-button closure cover, a canteen cup, and an aluminum canteen stove. Featured on the canteen cover is an external tab pouch for storing matches, fishing line, and other small survival gear. The aluminum canteen cup includes a butterfly handle, can fit under most 1-quart plastic canteens, and has a capacity of 24oz. When used in tandem with the canteen cup, the canteen stand allows you to heat up MRE and other food, and boil water to eliminate harmful bacteria. Frank Bee military canteen kit comes with Alice keeper clips to easily attach the cooking canteen to your belt or pack.