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480 Serving Wise Meat Buckets

No Need To Lug #10 Cans Around And Be Forced To Consume Large Amounts Of Food In A Very Quick Fashion Once Opened. Wise Freeze Dried Meats Come Packaged In Mylar Pouches And Are Stored In A Grab And Go Plastic Container. JUSt Add Hot Water And Within Minutes You Can Enjoy Fresh, Real, Seasoned Meats. All Packaged In 8 Stackable Buckets Servings Included In This Package: • Roasted Chicken (96 Servings) • Southwest Style Chicken (96 Servings) • Stroganoff Beef (64 Servings) • Cheesy Ground Beef (64 Servings) • Teriyaki Style Chicken (64 Servings) • Savory Roasted Ground Beef (96 Servings) • Long-Term Instant Rice (160 Servings)