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Enhanced G.I. Type Rip-Stop Poncho Liner With Zipper

Frank Bee Enhanced G.I. Type Zippered Poncho Liner, also known as the Woobie, is multifunctional and provides added warmth and protection against harsh weather conditions while worn in tandem with your poncho. The multipurpose Woobie can not only be used as a poncho liner but as a sleeping bag liner or lightweight sleeping bag with the nylon zipper (zipper covers ¾ of the Woobie poncho liner). Measuring 62” X 82”, the enhanced poncho liner features a lightweight rip-stop construction that is durable and comfortable when worn. Cinch the poncho liner blanket to your military rain poncho with the string ties. Improve your collection of outdoor and survival gear by adding Frank Bee G.I. Type Poncho Liner.