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Flexible Security Badge

Frank Bee Flexible Security Badge can replace your standard security badge with a no pin, iron-on, lightweight design. The bendable security badge is designed to move with the fabric for a comfortable fit; perfect for tactical polos, uniform shirts, and other law enforcement shirts. Featuring a metallic appearance and “Security Enforcement Officer” lettering on the front, the security officer badge creates an authentic look. Measuring 3 1/16” X 2 1/4” X 1.6 MM thick, the badge can be ironed onto your law enforcement shirt for long-lasting wear, see below for directions.

  1. Remove Paper Backing and Place on Desired Location
  2. Apply Heat to the Reverse Side of the Garment – 265 - 280 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  3. Iron for 10 – 20 Seconds to Melt the Glue Backing
  4. Let Cool for 10 – 15 Minutes
  5. After Cooling, Remove the Plastic Film Covering the Badge
  6. Repeat If Not Properly Adhered