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Girls School Uniform Jumper Style 94 Plaid Color 54

  • Style #94 High-Neck Pleated with Drop Waist. Plaid Jumper Plaid #54 Burgundy/White/Grey Color 

  • Best in the USA!
  • Regular Girls sizes 3-18
  • Girls Plus or Half Size, Full Fit 7.5-18.5 Please see the size chart! 
These are other colors available. We know this can be confusing. Here is a link for swatches 
  • Khaki Navy Red  Plaid 1C, Grey Navy 03, Lt. Blue Navy White Or Color   3D, Khaki Navy Red Color 4C, Grey Burgundy White Color 6T, Grey White Gold Navy Color 42, Grey Burgundy Gold Color 43, Green White Red Color 50, Burgundy White Grey Color 54, Sky Blue Grey White Color 59, Black Red White Gold Color 63, Brown White Gold Color 71, Navy Green Color 79, Green Red Gold Color 83, Grey Navy Gold Color 87, Navy Green Black White Color 90, Burgundy Khaki White Color KW1
These are the Fabrics
  •  Blend Plaids 65% Polyester 35% cotton:  P35, P37, P41, P49, P53, P54, P55, P57, P59, P60, P65, P76, P80 and P81
  • Polyester Plaids 100% polyester:  03N, P43, P6T, P61, P66, P79, P83 and P87
  • Blend Solids 65% Polyester 35% cotton:  Blend Khaki (1) and Blend Navy (1)
  • Polyester Solids 100% polyester:  Black, Navy (2) and Sand Khaki