Guardian Blackout Kit

This Compact Survival Kit Is Designed To Keep 2 Individuals Safe During A Blackout. It Is Packed Neatly Into A Durable Waterproof Cooler Bag. The Red Travel Size Bag Has The Words "Survival Kit" On The Front This Kit Contains The Following: Light And Communications: Dynamo 4-In-1 Flashlight Squeeze Flashlight Waterproof Matches 30 Hour Emergency Candle 12 Hour Emergency Bright Stick Shelter And Warmth: 2 - Hand/Body Warmers 2 - Mylar Emergency Sleeping Bags First Aid: 37 Piece Portable First Aid Kit Other: Deck Of Playing Cards Emergency Survival Kit Information: This Survival Kit Was Designed USing Advice From Experts In The Emergency Preparedness IndUStry. It Follows Guidelines Given By Government Agencies And Non-Profit Preparedness Organizations. This Survival Kit Has A Retail Value Of 75.