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Heat Treat - Foot Warmer Insoles

Heat Treat Therapeutic Foot Warmer Insoles Are A Completely Unique Concept, Providing 5+ Hours Of Penetrating Heat For Sore, Tired Or Cold Feet. Specially Designed For Your Foot's Shape Simply Runs On Air Will Generate 5+ Hours Of Therapeutic Soothing Heat Available In Two Sizes (S/M And M/L) Great In Shoes Or Boots Ease-Of-USe Commendation By Arthritis Foundation Available In Boxes (30 Or 60 Pairs) And Cases (240 Pairs) Shelf Life = Three Years During The Cold Winter Months, In Air-Conditioned Environments Or Coping With Medical Conditions, Heat Treat Therapeutic Foot Warmer Insoles Will Serve All Your Warmer Needs. Enjoy Outside Activities More Than Ever Before! The Heat Treat Foot Warmer Insoles Are ExclUSive...The Only Air-Activated Warmers Of Their Kind On The Market Today. Directions: Simply Tear Open The Package And Expose To Air. Place The Warmers Inside Any Pair Of Closed Shoes Or Boots. You Will Begin To Feel This Terrific Source Of Heat Beneath Your Feet. No Trimming Or Peeling Necessary. Your Feet Will Thank You For This Portable Heat Source