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Model-1862 Light Cavalry Saber

Model-1862 Light Cavalry Saber, And Eventually Replaced The Model-1840 "Wrist Breaker." It Became The Standard Issue Saber For Enlisted Men During The Civil War Period And Later. With A 1" Wide And 30" Long Blade, This Was Truly A Formidable Weapon To Be USed By The Cavalry. We Are Pleased To Present An Authentic Reproduction Of This FamoUS Saber Which Is Easily The Most Recognizable Artifact From The Civil War Period. This Saber, A Close Reproduction Of The Original, Has A Hardened And Tempered Carbon Steel Blade, Brass Guard And Steel Scabbard. It Is Produced And Priced To Be Suitable For Reenactment Purposes. While It Will Look Fantastic Over A Mantel, It Is Also Worthy Of USe As A Combat Sword, So That Collectors May Keep Their Originals Intact Rather Than Damage Them During Reenactment Exercises.